Animals were always my great passion. His life I devote most of this responsibility. From 13 years of age I am vegetarian, and works with many organizations, life-saving and defending the rights of animals such as: Club Gaja-awareness, empathy, Greenpeace, Viva!

Since it is breeding dogs and the issue was my dream (to do what I wanted moirodzice who breed dogs since 1981. Surnamed the Golden nymph FCI). I like different dogs, I could not decide what I would like to breed dogs. He grew up with poodle, Bernese dog pastoral , and pugs. Parents in 2005 bought the beige and white bitch from a farm, with Piotrowego court "from Mr Peter Drgas French Bulldog breed. The parents started asking her to show at exhibitions. And so began my adventure with this race, which quickly became is my passion. I began to think about the purchase and assumption breeding bitches bulldog. I spoke with the breeders and read a lot about this race until the end of the rearing experienced this race. 12 July 2006, Don was a single mom and she bitch about beige ointment. is love in this sweet little girl and it was with me. Name "inherited" the mom Doni but to no Aldona was wrong:) And so it began its existence to my farm:) 11.04.2007 The farm has registered and is the nickname Jukatan FCI. nickname comes from Mexico. It is a peninsula lying on the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea. It is Mexico, and archeology and history is my second passion after the animals:)

I live in Warsaw in the Wesoła, having, under the nose "beautiful Mazowiecki Landscape Park, which, together with their free time I spend there my dogs:) Anna Andryjenko SP Kennel Jukatan opposes and fights for the rights of animals and with people who torment animals. We respect nature and love animals! We operate and support an association, foundation and shares for the animals:)

I would like to thank my parents very Marzenna and Arkadiusz Andryjenko of breeding Golden Nymph FCI for all:) And my friends: Agnieszka-Baranowskiej Garanus kennel FCI for all: * - Krystyna Zbrozińska Sobczak - Breeding Draczyn passion for being infected bulldog rearing, as a contribution to the development of the breed in Poland -Monica Pawlowski-Kowalska owner amazing sire brother-in-law Aldona Mł.Ch.PL Ch.PL Sto Caruso Pręg Thank you for everything:): *

If you are interested puppies, my breeding or not at all what race the French are bulldog invite you to mail, contact phone:)
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